Bad news

As you all know we were unable to hold our AGM in April, we were not alone and several DA’s are in the same boat. Because of this a decision was taken at Club HQ to allow committees to pass the reports etc., but this has to be done before November 2nd and by that time a treasurer must be appointed as is usual at this time of the year. On Wednesday the Loddon DA committee held a Zoom meeting at which we were all present and some of the usual committee business was completed however, we were not able to appoint a treasurer as the present holder of this position is unable to continue owing to a new time table at work. Without a treasurer the DA is unable to continue so the next AGM which was to be held, covid 19 permitting, on Saturday March 27th 2021 at 1.00pm at St Mary’s Church Hall Tadley will in all probability now be an EGM. The Southern Region Council will once again take over the running the Loddon DA until an EGM takes place. I should say that some of the present committee have also decided to resign and will not stand again. I am sorry to have to give you this news but at least by changing the AGM to an EGM in March it means everything can be dealt with as soon as possible.